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Living in 2 worlds

Explores the multifaceted aspects of being Ukrainian in the Netherlands.

Scheduled activities

In this harmonious experience, children will embark on a playful exploration of yoga through enchanting animal poses, fostering flexibility, balance, and inner calm.

Meanwhile, teenagers are invited to partake in stretching exercises designed to promote physical well-being and mindfulness. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions provide a safe and nurturing space for young minds and bodies to flourish.Let’s come together in a spirit of joy and movement. Join us and stretch, breathe, and discover the serenity that yoga brings to young hearts.To ensure a seamless experience, we encourage advance sign-ups for this uplifting activity.

All day activities

Central Living Room is a dynamic space where the nuances of living in two worlds come to life. Join us in this central gathering point to connect and share in a cozy ambiance as you engage in conversations and witness spontaneous moments of connection.

Our dedicated team of facilitators ensures a safe and nurturing environment where kids can learn, play, and express themselves. The Future of Ukraine Kids Corner is more than just a play area—it’s a glimpse into the aspirations, dreams, and resilience of the next generation.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of unity at our “Wishing Wall”. This Wishing wall will be donated to the shelter in Hal 5 of the Jaarbeurs. Every visitor is invited to share a heartfelt message on the theme “Living in 2 worlds” or extend wishes to their loved ones. Whether it’s a note for family, friends, or soldiers at the frontline, this interactive space fosters connections and empowers individuals to express their hopes for a brighter future.


During the moments of improvising and composing together, music not only provides fun, but also provides connection. Music acts as a means of bringing about social change and teaching children, young people and adults the ‘life skills’ that are so important for the future. For our future. During this workshop we will Remember Together with the power of music!

Expo Hall


Fosters connections between Ukrainians and Dutch citizens through interactive workshops, sharing experiences of living in dual worlds.

Scheduled activities

Petrykivka painting (or simply “Petrykivka”; Ukrainian: Петриківський розпис ) is a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style, originating from the village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine, where it was traditionally used to decorate house walls and everyday household items. The earliest known examples of this style date from the 18th century, but it continues to thrive and develop as a modern art form.

The distinctive features of this folk art style are its flower patterns, distinctive brush techniques, and its traditionally white background (contemporary painters, however, often work on black, green, red or blue backgrounds). Did you know this is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List?
Come and join us in this workshop!

During the Cultural Speed date you will learn more about each other’s culture, mentality, and life to get answers from representatives of the cultures of Ukraine and the Netherlands. This activity takes around 15 minutes and will start every hour.

Acquaintance, our history, how we work, exchange of experience, networking (Anna Zinchenko leader of the Mental health project at Vitaln’ya Foundation and Nicoline Meijer, Member of the Board of the Vitaln’ya Foundation)

(Olena Shkvarnitska, psychotherapist, United Way The Netherlands Kyiv-Amstelway). In these difficult times, anxiety is our constant companion. In this master class, we will learn how to calm ourselves and overcome anxiety on our own.

Adolescence is a special and sometimes the most difficult period of everyone’s life. In this workshop, you will learn what important processes are happening with your child and gain an understanding of how to live this period as gently as possible, both for yourself and for your child, without harming them. Helping to share coping meganisms for dealing with daily life.

All day activities

A collection of necklaces collected according to ancient patterns will be exhibited. The history of jewelry, symbolism in jewelry, and the sad consequences of the Holodomor, which had a negative impact on the cultural and historical heritage of jewelry. Why did most Ukrainians not inherit jewelry from their grandmothers? What does each stone hide and what magical power is it endowed with? Are there any similarities in the jewelry of women from Ukraine and the Netherlands in the past? You can get the answers to these questions from me. You can also do a photo shoot with necklaces.

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Addresses mental health challenges for Ukrainians, with experts offering support and counseling to ensure you feel heard and supported.

Scheduled activities

Vareniki are a traditional Eastern European dish, often considered a type of dumpling. These dumplings are typically filled with a variety of ingredients, such as mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, meat, or fruits. Vareniki can be boiled or pan-fried and are commonly served with sour cream, butter, or other condiments. The event isn’t just about making vareniki; it is about coming together, celebrating friendship, and creating lasting memories. It is about enjoying good food in the company of those they cherished.

Join us for a frank conversation about women’s fate. (Maryna Kuznetsova, psychologist at United Way the Netherlands in Dnipro-m. IJsselstein)

All day activities

Disguise is very important for our soldiers on the battlefield. That is why weaving camouflage nets is very important. So we are starting our initiative in Utrecht and willing every guest to contribute some of their labor and heart for helping our defenders to be invisible.

The AAN-25, ‘Mriya’, is the largest airplane in the world and is one of the most important symbols of Ukraine’s strength and greatness. We chose it as a symbol of dreams of our peaceful sky. During the workshop we will symbolize this by building small airplanes out of different materials.

Ukraine is a christian country so we want to support in prayers and bless people who protect our nation and our boarders, Urkainain citizens and everyone who is helping Ukraine and its people in those hard times.

Sending Support: Postcards for Frontline Soldiers

Take a moment to make a powerful difference by participating in our anonymous postcard-writing activity for soldiers at the frontline. Express your gratitude and encouragement through heartfelt messages on these postcards, which will be delivered to boost the spirits of those bravely serving on the front lines.

This simple yet impactful gesture allows you to share words of support, inspiration, and solidarity with the soldiers, reminding them of the community standing behind them. Join us in spreading kindness and appreciation, one postcard at a time. Your words can bring comfort and strength to those who are making sacrifices for our shared safety and well-being.

We must remember that the war is still ongoing. One of the main things to do to support our country is not to forget about donations. We all know that there are so many different projects you can donate to, so on this day we are offering a few of them. Children, defenders, technical staff – everyone needs support. Remember, we are stronger when we are together!

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Focuses on personal and professional development, offering skill-building workshops and language learning for Dutch & Ukrainian visitors.

Scheduled activities

Workshop “Conflict prevention or how to get out of a conflict to your benefit. Advice from a Ukrainian psychologist and a Dutch police officer” (Nataliia Pozdniakova,Vital’nya psychologist. Kharkiv-Dnipro-Utrecht)

All day activities

During this workshop we emphasise on the shared love for flowers between Ukraine and the Netherlands. Immerse yourself in this cross-cultural experience, where the language of flowers speaks of shared love, enduring strength, and the beauty that blooms in unity. Together, let’s cultivate a garden of connections!

Led by a skilled instructor, the session will offer a taste of Ukrainian phrases, common expressions, and the unique nuances that define the language. In this engaging activity, participants will experience the beauty and cultural richness of the Ukrainian language. This small lesson is a gateway to understanding, bridging the gap between cultures and creating moments of shared linguistic exploration.

Stories have the power to inspire and change lives. What if they could also bring families closer? The initiator, Andriy Shmyhelskyy, living in Amsterdam since 2014 and the father of Thea (8y). Andriy’s parents in Lviv are hosting families from cities that are under attack. His sister and 2 children are now safe in the Netherlands, but their father stayed to protect Ukraine. Andriy has been working on a multi-product platform for bringing children’s books to life, allowing parents and other family members to record their voices while they read a children’s book. When the first Ukrainian refugee stories hit the news, Andriy realized that this technology could have a much bigger impact on the lives of child refugees. He then joined forces with the number five foundation and Princess Laurentien, who has been very active in the area of literacy development and reading for children. And the story began…Better Time Stories was born. The project fundraises bilingual picture books for refugee Ukrainian children written by Ukrainian authors to bring a piece of home. But Better Time Stories goes beyond just books: the app connects children with their separated family members who can read these stories to them so they feel closer to each other – after all, a bedtime story is best when told in a father’s, mother’s, a grandparent’s voice.

Join Better Time Stories to spread joy and creativity to children.

From 11:30 till 15:30 we give 6 gift packages for free every hour
don’t miss out – see you at the GROWTH zone of the Expo Hall

Expo Hall


Emphasizes rebuilding lives and communities in Ukraine and the Netherlands through workshops and presentations on designing the future.

Scheduled activities

Making a collage that will be a symbol of the union of the two worlds of the past and present and will become a talisman of the future. Here, literally, everything will be in your hands. (Oleksandra Bondarenko, psychologist at United Way the Netherlands Donetsk-Kyiv-Irpin-Amsterdam-Amstelfein )

All day activities

“Labyrinths of Unbreakable Cities is a project that aims to visually demonstrate the impact of the traumatic experience of war on the architecture of the cities of eastern Ukraine.

The improvised labyrinth shows the formation, development, prosperity and destruction of the main street of Mariupol – Mir Avenue, as well as the biography of important Mariupol monuments.

The result of immersion in the cracks of history and reflection can be the development of concepts, which are dedicated to the restoration of significant monuments of Ukrainian cities taking into account their historical background.

This photo experience is your passport to create lasting memories, allowing you to take home a piece of the event with every click. Unleash your creativity, gather your friends, and make your mark through the lens of our Photobooth.


A collective moment of togetherness and reflection

This collective moment starts with a video message from President Zelenskyy. After that:

13:00 - 14:00

Join us to listen to distinguished guests including the Ambassador of Ukraine, Oleksandr Karasevych and the Deputy Mayor of Utrecht, Eelco Eerenberg. Immerse yourself in an unique atmosphere created by the United Ukrainian Ballet, presenting classic and modern dance performances. Also on stage will be the “Sounds of Change” band, using music to inspire positive change. Don’t miss this collaborative performance that promises to be a celebration of unity and resilience. The presentation of this joint meeting will be conducted by a duo: the Dutch TV presenter Tooske Ragas and the Ukrainian veteran Serhii Galgan.

Maryana Golovchenko (UA) – voice
Veronika Morska (UA) – voice
Antonii Baryshevsky (UA) – piano
Cengiz Arslanpay – flute
Sander van Goor – guitar
Hashem Kabreet – percussion
Lucas Dols – bas

Meet Franky & Coen,
get some free fries and make a selfie with them.


Foyer Stage

Scheduled activities

Dariia arrived in Utrecht in September 2022 with her husband and three children from the city Poltava. Was born in a small town in the south of Ukraine – Nova Kakhovka. “There I first met such a beautiful instrument at a concert of a local trio of bandura players. I was fascinated by the magical sound of strings and Ukrainian songs. I studied with teachers, whose enthusiasm and professionalism still inspire me to convey the beauty of the sound of the instrument. Bandura has a soul and when it sounds it touches the soul of every listener and remains in the hearts forever. “

Beautiful prayer song

Our future is in our hands, especially when it goes to parenting. For doing it in a right way we need to understand what do they feel. And this perfomace helps us to see all the emotions, feelings they face.

A part of the performance “Art Gallery” by the Ukrainian “Theater of Friends,” founded in 2023 under the leadership of Oksana Borbat with support of United Way. This performance consists of 13 paintings by Dutch artists that actors breathe new life into and fantasize about what happened before and after the frozen moment. Today we will see one episode, but in our opinion, it’s the strongest and most relevant for this date, namely the revival of Van Gogh’s painting “Wheat Field with Ravens.”

We are an amateur choir with a mix of about ten Ukrainian and two Dutch singers. Our artistic director, Tetiana Savushkina, is a professional musician, pianist, and alto singer. She has been performing with various Ukrainian professional choirs from Kyiv in the Netherlands since 1993. We started singing together in March 2023, singing Dutch songs to practice the language while also singing Ukrainian songs. We all enjoyed singing together so much that we never stopped! Today, we will sing two Ukrainian songs and one Dutch song. Which one? That remains a surprise…

My name is Anastasia. My story in the Netherlands begins in 2022. That year, a war began in my country, Ukraine, and my mother, younger sister and I were forced to leave it. In Utrecht we were sheltered by a wonderful woman, Jacoba, with whom we live to this day. She also gave my sister and I the opportunity to play musical instruments so we could study and tutor, for which we are immensely grateful. I studied music at the Kyiv Special Music Lyceum named after Lysenko for 11 years. I play cello, piano, and also studied guitar at a regular music school for 4 years. Now I work part-time as a cello, solfeggio and piano tutor for children and teenagers. On February 24, the day the war began, I will play the cello in a duet with bandura player Daria. We are going to do this to show that Ukrainians abroad have not forgotten that there is a war going on in their homeland. Personally, I do this for my father, who is now in the army and fighting for our independence.


Art Exhibition

Activities 11:00 - 15:00

The vocation of my creativity is to make this world kinder and better. The theme of my works is symbolism, nature, Ukrainian painting. Every stroke, color, line and their combination on the canvas has a deep spiritual meaning. I bring the world of my soul into reality, creating a symbiosis between the viewer and the fantastic world of my paintings.
Drawing symbols on canvas and visualizing them, I manifest them in the real world, thus allowing them to be born, live and shine in the souls of people, causing positive emotions.
The painting “Prayer” is a request to the Lord for the Blessing of Ukraine. A prayer to give us strength, endurance and courage.
The picture “Ukraine. Victory” is a symbolic portrait of all Ukrainian women rejoicing at the time of victory. It is laughter through tears and the pain of a huge loss of sons, fathers, relatives….


“When war ruins your home, it not only demolishes the building but also shatters everything within you that existed before the destruction.

The things we own can tell a lot about us. Some items shape us, define us, reflect our dreams, memories, and experiences. I have few such remnants of my past, but one item definitely stands out – the chair.

Thirty years ago, I perched on this chair and sketched my first drawing, followed by one more, and more, and more. Sitting on this chair, I was drawing my greatest fears, innermost desires, and deepest vulnerabilities. This chair became a silent spectator of my formation. This chair became a part of my story.

During the first days of the war, my hometown in Kharkiv Oblast fell under occupation. Shortly after, a Russian missile struck the apartment building where I grew up. When the Ukrainian army liberated the town, my mother returned home. There, instead of a familiar wall with a window in the children’s room, she found a gaping hole and fragments of a cast-iron bathtub on the doorstep. Amidst the chaos of smashed furniture, scattered belongings, and piles of glass, one item remained steadfast – my chair. It proved to be resilient; my chair survived. And did I survive after these events?

Now, within the renovated walls of my childhood home, everything feels unfamiliar except for the chair. Is this item enough not to lose the essence of my past? How long does the suffering for a lost past keep alive before fading away? Is there room for hope for a brighter future while you are wandering the mazes of despair and pain with longing to find yourself again? How much pain must one endure on the way from a shattered self to the creation of a new identity?

To reset to zero, to break free from the grip of the past, to believe in the dawn of a new life, to become a new life – yet, will it be so…

“On February 24, 2024, at the BEATRIX Theater, Ukrainian media artist Larysa Rusina will present her latest art objects “”pieces””. Pieces of missiles that hit the house in her native city of Kyiv are now frozen in a glass in her creative performance, in her personal living of the experience of the war in her homeland. The artist works with fragments of destructive power, fragments that destroyed someone’s home, someone’s life, someone’s senses . But Larysa seeks to transform the energy of destruction into the energy of creation. By selling these glass art objects, Larysa donating back to Ukraine, contributing to the reconstruction of what was destroyed. Thus, she believes in the power of art to experience tragedy and transform it into new meanings of life. It helps her to move on in these difficult times and helps the dozens of people who visit her exhibitions.

Also Larysa can present several works from the previous floral project about strong women who, like epiphytic flowers, took their roots from the native soil of Ukraine and continue their beautiful journey through the cities of Europe and keep blooming.

“Abstract art, with its intrinsic ability to evoke emotions and provoke thought, finds a distinctive expression in the palette of gold, black, and white. This trio, when harnessed by the abstract artist, transcends mere visual appeal to embody a deeper, more profound aesthetic. Gold, with its lustrous sheen, injects a touch of opulence and vitality, symbolizing wealth, power. Black, in stark contrast, offers depth and mystery, a void or canvas from which forms emerge or into which they recede, suggesting the unknown, the hidden, or the infinite. White balances this interplay with purity and simplicity, providing a backdrop that amplifies the presence of gold and black, offering clarity, space, and peace.

Together, these colors navigate the spectrum of human emotions and philosophical contemplations, from the heights of joy and illumination to the depths of introspection and the unknown. Abstract art in gold, black, and white is not just a visual experience; it’s a journey into the essence of being, a dance of light and shadow, presence and absence, that speaks to the soul. Through these colors, artists communicate universal truths, personal narratives, and the unspoken intricacies of the human condition, making each piece a unique encounter with the abstract and the sublime.”

“Architecture and ballet became visual inspiration here – in Europe. It’s beauty through which the pain continued to seep. The war brought to the surface losses that had not been lived through in my entire life.
Light and darkness, a state of trance, an eerie language of movements in the fabrics superimposed on my emotional state. At that moment I was realizing, was living and saying goodbye.
The paintings were the beginning of the end.
We don’t know how many losses still lie ahead. But, I hope, now I have learned to live them today, without closing them behind a dead door of affairs and illusions.”

“My art is a reflection of my life over the past two years.
Art is something that makes us feel, but at the same time art is a product of our feelings and emotions.
The image of a woman and her strength is the key in my paintings.
A woman is an object of war at which all possible weapons are directed.
If men knew the true value of human life, wars would not exist.

The series of graphic works is a historical past that has awakened to defend people.

Large canvases – what is happening to us now.
Abstract works – a bright future that will certainly come.”

This exhibition unveils Maxym Kryvtsov’s masterpieces, blending art and resilience against war’s backdrop. With camera and poetry, Kryvtsov captures the human spirit’s light amidst darkness, offering a collection that transcends observation. His works, from serene sunflowers to intimate shadows of comrades, narrate hope and indomitability. Maxym’s art, a beacon through human emotion and conflict, promises a profound tribute to art’s power to express our deepest truths. This “unnamed” exhibition is a testament to those who dare to dream and express, immortalizing their voice across generations.